Aims of European Movement Northern Ireland

According to the constitution, the aims of EMNI are:

a) To promote the principles and programme of the European Movement in Northern Ireland

b) To foster interest in, and knowledge of the EU, its institutions and its aims and activities

c) To advance the cause of greater understanding and co-operation between the democratic states of Europe.

d) To ensure that the interests of NI are promoted within the institutions of the EU, and other European bodies

e) To press for improved processes of democratic accountability within the institutions of the EU.

The aims are to be furthered in the following ways:

i) By informing public opinion in NI about Europe, and by promoting understanding, co-operation and unity amongst the countries and peoples of Europe and between them and the rest of the world

ii) By organising lectures, conferences and seminars and public discussions on political, economic cultural and other issues pertaining Europe, by arranging debates and providing speakers to address meetings;

iii) By maintaining links with European Movement national organisations and with the international EM

Our committee of volunteers hope to organise more events, provide more services to members, enhance communication to members and increase membership. We have a close relationship with European Movement UK and European Movement Ireland.

We aim to be the first point of contact for media on EU/NI related issues, and to provide a forum for informed debate on these issues.