EMNI welcomes more public sector support for Remaining in the EU

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A month before the Referendum on UK membership of the EU, the European Movement Northern Ireland has welcomed recent decisions by important umbrella groups in NI to support remaining in the EU.

On 25th May, the Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action (NICVA) added its voice to the calls for the UK to remain in the European Union.

NICVA is a membership and representative umbrella body for the voluntary and community sector in Northern Ireland.

NICVA Chief Executive, Seamus McAleavey said NICVA believes, on balance, Northern Ireland is ‘better remaining in the EU for economic and social reasons’.

“The EU has also been a stabilising force for Peace in Europe and showed solidarity with Northern Ireland right from the start of the Peace process.  That was not simply by its generous contribution of Peace funds but its actual understanding of our political problems which it recognised as part of wider Europe’s own history.

“Many of the social policies promoted and supported by the EU are important to NICVA members across Northern Ireland.  The EU is at the forefront of tackling poverty by, amongst others things, supporting access to skills and employment, helping people with disabilities into training and employment and promoting workers’ rights.

“To support leaving is to take a huge risk, a leap into the unknown but likely to have a detrimental impact on attracting foreign investment into Northern Ireland”.

-NICVA Chief Executive Seamus McAleavey


NUS-USI President says student movement backs staying in EU

The umbrella body for student unions  in Northern Ireland, NUS-USI, has also backed the campaign to remain, saying that remaining in the EU ‘will provide students with the best educational and career opportunities and ensure Northern Ireland continues to develop a prosperous economy and a safer society’.

President of NUS-USI, Fergal McFerran, said:

“I am proud that today NUS-USI is joining the ever-increasing list of voices arguing for us to remain in the European Union. The decision that will be taken on June 23rd will have implications for decades to come, and the generation to which I belong, as well as those coming after us has the most to lose in the event of a withdrawal from the EU”.

“From the huge cultural and economic benefits of student mobility, to the unprecedented impact that EU funding has had on our Universities and research capabilities, it is clear to me and to our members that we are better off and stronger in the EU.”

Deputy Chair of EMNI Ciarán Hanna said:

“Public sector in Northern Ireland has come out strongly for remaining in the EU. Those of us who do care about our relationship with the EU are managing to get the positive message out at last after the population has been fed negative anti-EU stories from some politicians and elements of the tabloid press for years.

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