Westminster Committee publishes report into NI and the referendum on UK’s membership of EU

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The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee publishes its report into Northern Ireland and the referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union. The report identifies the potential impact of a Brexit in key areas such as the economy, agriculture and the border with the Republic.

The Committee comprises MPs who have publicly supported both the Leave and Remain campaigns. The final report is published with the full support of the Committee and reflects their commitment to setting aside their personal opinions to provide a balanced assessment of the potential impact of a Brexit for Northern Ireland ahead of the EU referendum.

Witnesseses included:

Professor Neil Gibson, Director, Economic Policy Centre, University of Ulster,

Dr Leslie Budd, Reader, Open University Business School

Dr Graham Gudgin, Research Associate, Centre for Business Research, University of Cambridge 

John McGrane, Director General, British Irish Chamber of Commerce

Wilfred Mitchell OBE, Policy Chairman, Federation of Small Businesses Northern Ireland branch

Conor Houston, Programme Director for EU Debate NI, Centre for Democracy and Peace Building

 George Hamilton QPM, Chief Constable, Police Service of Northern Ireland

Glyn Roberts, Northern Ireland Independent Retail Trade Association

Robin McCormick, General Manager, SONI Limited

Ian Marshall, President, Ulster Farmers’ Union 

Committee Chair Laurence Robertson said:

“Should the UK decide to leave the EU, many of the issues we have examined would be subject to negotiations, the outcome of which it is not possible to definitively predict. No one can say for certain what our trade arrangements with the EU would be or how border arrangements with the Republic of Ireland would change, if at all. Nor, of course, do we know what the EU will look like in, say, five or ten years’ time, or what the depth of the UK’s involvement with the EU will be by that time”.

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