EMNI playing its part in making Remain case for NI in the EU

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The European Movement Northern Ireland has been actively involved in making the factual case for Northern Ireland staying in the EU in the forthcoming Referendum on UK membership on 23rd June.Ahead of an important discussion on Friday 10th June in QUB with stakeholders and leading academics, EMNI believes it still has an important role to play in making the straightforward, factual case for NI remaining in the EU.

The EU Referendum and the Impact on Northern Ireland

The event: The EU Referendum and the Impact on Northern Ireland has been organised in cooperation with EM Ireland, and will hear from representatives from EM Northern Ireland, EM Ireland and Irish4Europe, as well as Professor David Phinnemore (Queen’s University, Belfast), Dr Heather Johnson (Queen’s University, Belfast), Quintin Oliver (Stratagem International), Angela McGowan (Danske Bank), Mark Cosgrove (Redhead International), Fergal McFerran (NUS-USI) and John McCallister (former MLA, farmer).

Those interested in attending please RSVP by contacting the EM Ireland team on events@europeanmovement.ie

EMNI members have also been attending many public debates and discussions, taking place across Northern Ireland.

EMNI President Brian Garrett sums up the EU Referendum debate organised by lobby group Manufacturing NI at the Belfast Harbour Commissioners' Office on 3rd June.
EMNI President Brian Garrett sums up the EU Referendum debate organised by lobby group Manufacturing NI at the Belfast Harbour Commissioners’ Office on 3rd June.


EMNI was well represented in the recent debate between former Northern Ireland Secretary and European Commissioner for Trade Peter Mandelson and MEP Daniel Hannan hosted by Manufacturing NI at the Belfast Harbour Commissioners’ Office. 


The debate also featured NI MEPs Martina Anderson and Diane Dodds, as well as Denis Kennedy, former head of the European Commission in Belfast and EMNI member and Irish Government agricultural economist Dr Thia Hennessy.


In terms of media, EMNI’s twitter account European Movement NI @EuroMoveNI has been tweeting and rebuffing myths peddled by many against the EU.


A recent example was on Talkbalk on 31st May, when callers and MEP Diane Dodds insisted the European Court of Auditors has not signed off its accounts for 20 years.

“The Court of Auditors has signed the EU accounts every year since 2007, while pointing out that EU countries, once they receive the EU funds, misuse about 4.4% of the total budget.”


Dennis Kennedy article

EMNI members have had letters published in local papers, including:



Chair Ian Parsley said:

“The European Movement in Northern Ireland, in partnership with our colleagues in EM UK and EM Ireland, have been playing our part in stating the case for NI remaining in NI. There are many myths peddled, and we have to try to counteract them with facts. For example, the Leave Campaign say: “I know it would make me worse off, but I am against the EU because I am a democrat”. Like most Leave arguments, it is utter garbage.  

“No other project in human history has expanded democracy faster and to more places than the EU has. It is a remarkable achievement – and a profoundly democratic one. We will keep on hammering home these points until June 23rd.”


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