EMNI believes Brexit ‘could be abandoned in interests of the young’

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European Movement NI Chair Ian Parsley has called on the debate on Brexit to be re-opened, and that the UK General Election result puts Brexit itself in doubt.

EMNI had argued a ‘Hard Brexit’ is in contravention to the expressed wishes of the people of Northern Ireland, and that there is now no clear mandate for this.

Mr Parsley stated:

 “What we have seen, particularly in England and Wales where the majority voted for Brexit, is a vast increase in youth turnout which has radically changed the political environment.

“That youth turnout consists of many people who feel their future was stolen from them by that referendum outcome, in which youth turnout was markedly lower.

“The outcome puts in serious doubt whether there is in fact a majority in the UK for Brexit at all. Should the new UK Government not take this reality seriously, there will be a serious doubt as to its very legitimacy.

“This means the debate on Brexit should be re-opened, with the full engagement of those young people now turning out to vote.”

Deputy Chair Ciaran Hanna said it is ‘important now more than ever to have the pro-European voices in Northern Ireland heard’.
EMNI is attending and speaking at Brexit related symposiums and seminars all next week to participate in the debate on where Northern Ireland, and indeed the UK, goes from here.
Mr Hanna added:

“I would like to pay tribute to the pro-EU Northern Ireland MPs who have lost their seats. Their losses will be keenly felt. As Northern Ireland’s only Remain MP left on the benches, we look forward to working with Lady Hermon, and indeed all MPs who wish to work with us, in making Northern Ireland a forward looking, dynamic place at the heart of Europe.”

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