New statistics on economic development and NI welcomed with Brexit negotiations underway- EMNI

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The European Movement in NI has welcomed the publication by the Centre for Cross Border Studies (CCBS) and Co-operation Ireland of an update of the last of its five briefing papers from last year.

EMNI Deputy Chair Ciarán Hanna said: “It is so important to get this update on the statistical information included in the original Briefing Paper, and to look at the UK Government’s approach to trade as the Brexit negotiations have got underway.
“After all the bluster of last year, we badly need facts and figures, and this update by CCBS and Co-operation Ireland has come at a critical time in this process.
“Organisations, including the Taoiseach, have put forward realistic and helpful approaches to dealing with the complications caused by a potential Hard Brexit. The Government, including its confidence and supply partner, must take note of these as meaningful proposals.”
-Ciaran Hanna
The publication below is an update of the fifth and last paper in the series, originally published in June 2016, in which CCBS and Co-operation Ireland considered the question of economic development. Its purpose is two-fold: to update the statistical information included and analysed in the original Briefing Paper, and to consider the UK Government’s approach to trade in the recently commenced Brexit negotiations:

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