EMNI calls for suspension of Article 50

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The European Movement in Northern Ireland has called on the British Government to suspend Article 50 given the impasse in getting the EU withdrawal Agreement through Parliament.

EMNI believes that as the Prime Minister wants to renegotiate the Backstop, which the EU says it is not up for renegotiation, there is no option but to suspend Article 50.

“Theresa May can not simply run down the clock to a catastrophic no deal Brexit,” said a EMNI spokesperson.

EMNI argues that a suspension is the ‘only sensible outcome’.

“Obviously, we are limited in reasons to suspend Article 50 for, so we believe the realistic option is to put the EU Withdrawal Agreement to the people in a People’s Vote with an option to remain in the EU if the vote is rejected.”

EMNI agrees with our colleagues in the European Movement UK, who also state:

“The Brexiteers say that the 2016 referendum means we must go ahead with Brexit regardless of the consequences. That is nonsense. They promised that Brexit would be easy and would make life fairer in Britain; it is now clear that it will undermine both our living standards, our security and impose substantial costs on every section of the community โ€“ particularly those who rely on well-funded public services.

That is why the European Movement opposes the governmentโ€™s Withdrawal Agreement and why we are campaigning to secure a Peopleโ€™s Vote.

It is no good for MPs to argue that they support Brexit because of the referendum. They are elected to protect the interests of their constituents and the consequences of Brexit would be theirs to defend when the day of reckoning comes.”

EMNI re-iterated that the Government must ‘suspend Article 50 and implement the necessary legislation for a People’s Vote’.

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