EMNI calls on voters to vote for ‘genuine pro-European parties’ in European Parliament election

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The European Movement in Northern Ireland has called on voters to vote for ‘genuine pro-European parties’ in the European Parliament elections taking place across Ireland over 23/24 May.

Members of the Executive Committee appealed for voters in Northern Ireland to ‘maximise the pro-EU vote and aim to get at least two anti-Brexit MEPs returned’.

“The Single Transferable Vote system allows us the chance to get our voice heard”, said members of EMNI Executive.

“It’s clear Northern Ireland’s interests are served being a full member of the EU. These seats gives us a great chance to put Northern Ireland’s interests right to the heart of European governance, why would any potential candidate want to take away that voice?”

Voting in the European elections means having a say on the direction the EU takes for the next five years in areas such as international trade, security, consumer protection, fighting climate change, and economic growth. MEPs not only shape new legislation, but also scrutinise other EU institutions.

“EMNI said that Ireland needs to elect island of pro-Europeans to play a constructive part in the new European Parliament to make a better Europe of citizens. Angry, nationalist slogans offer nothing. Pro-Europeans offer co-operation and solidarity.”


Turning to Brexit, EMNI said there is an ‘opportunity to elect anti-Brexit MEPs’.

“Northern Ireland voted to remain, and this must be reflected in the majority of seats returned to Strasbourg/Brussels. Please maximise your vote and let’s get genuine pro-Europeans returned on Thursday and Friday across Ireland.”




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